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Psychocalisthenics is a sequence of 23 movement and breathing exercises that activate the flow of vital energy through all muscle groups, organs, glands and tissues. It is performed in the Arica Daily Routine™ and during many Arica® trainings.

Psychocalisthenics is easy to learn. The entire series takes only sixteen minutes to complete and produces a flash of vital energy through the entire body. Psychocalisthenics can be learned in a group or individual class taught by certified Psychocalisthenics teachers worldwide, or on your own with the help of the P-Cals® book and DVD. A wallchart and CD are also available.

Length of training: One-day group training
Prerequisites: None

Fees: £99 Newcomers (includes wall chart and booklet)
£70 Arica Institute members (includes wall chart and booklet)
£50 Repeating
Please fill out wait list application below.

Acceptance to and attendance in the training does not confer permission to teach or a professional qualification.

Any health concerns that may impact your participation will be discussed before your enrolment to be sure you will have the best results from the training.

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Refunds: If Integral View has to cancel the training, a full refund will be issued. If the training is fully booked when your payment is received, you will be offered a full refund or a place on the training in the event of a cancellation. Your payment will be fully refunded if you cancel four weeks before the training begins. After this date, there may be a prorated refund. Once the training begins, there will be no refunds. Exceptions are at the discretion of Integral View.

In accord with the Arica Institute Group Trainings Admissions Policy, an agreement to protect training materials, including Non-disclosure and Release of Liability agreements, will be available for your signature when you arrive at the training. Please contact Integral View with any questions or concerns.


Personal information is protected in accordance with Integral View’s privacy policy.


Here are comments from professionals and others who have done the training:

“When I do P-Cals I feel good all day. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a better lifestyle. They are suitable for anyone—young or old, and take only a day to learn.”
Patrick Holford

“I’ve been a doctor for over 30 years—always seeking techniques to promote health. Psychocalisthenics is the fastest, most inexpensive way to prevent illness that I know of.”
Richard Apollo

“I recommend this excellent system. It aligns the skeleton and tones and stretches one’s entire musculature.”
Alexander Gibbs

“These exercises are fantastic! Easy to learn and easy to do, no need for fancy equipment. I do them daily in my own time at home.”
Sarah Birrell

“I recommend Psychocalisthenics to my clients; and I do them myself. They help one’s emotions tremendously through the way they work with the breath.”
Lynn Genelli

“Psychocalisthenics is a superb way to nourish the essential flexibility, balance and vitality of our body-mind-spirit.”
Alan Hext

“I’m so glad I did the P-Cals training class. In just 5 hours it gave me the confidence of knowing the whole series. Great teaching!”
Veronica Haining

“I can do them at home—ideal for me as a mother with young children.”
Sue Manning

“I’ve been doing these exercises for over 20 years—in hotel rooms or wherever I might find myself with my work, which could, in fact, be anywhere—it makes me feel forever young!”
Mike Shoring

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